Who the Heck Am I?

All About the HappinessMe website for health and wellness

Hi! My name’s Francesca, but friends & family have also called me Frannie over the years. So you can call me Frannie, because I’d like to think we’re going to become friends.

I started this website for 3 reasons:

(Reason One)

When I was in 5th grade my ultra 1970’s cool teacher Mr. Putnam went around the room to ask everyone what they wanted to do when they grew up. Of course there were lots of usual answers, to be a teacher, a doctor, a TV jingles writer (that was a big thing back then!).  

My answer that came to me right away was, “I want to help people.” I didn’t yet know how, I just knew I wanted to. His perfect response to that chubby and somewhat insecure 10-year old was, “Of course! I’m not surprised at all and you’re going to be great!”

Reason One for HappinessMe.net, I want to help people, and always have.

(Reason Two)

Between late 2017 and all of 2018, I went through a total transformation of my life. The side-by-side photos of me really tell the story. In 2017 I was overweight and started having major health issues that November. The photo in Dec. 2018 was after a year of making positive life adjustments and greatly improving my health.

I ended up finally on the right path for all those things I wanted to do for years.

  • Losing weight & eating healthier
  • Getting more exercise
  • Making work more bearable & less stress-exhausting
  • Being in a better place overall and feeling good so I could be happy

I’d like to say it was just my total determination that brought all this about, but not so. Life kicked me in the butt through some major health problems, and all my bad life habits finally caught up with me. (A link to read my turn-around story coming)

Reason Two for HappinessMe.net, to share  the successful life changes I made so they can possibly help you be happier and healthier  too.

Health and wellness one year transformation

This is the exact lap desk I use when working on the couch. It’s a nice size and comes in different colors. Click the image to check it out more.

(Reason Three)

As part of my ongoing journey to Work Happy, I’d like to eventually (in the long-term) use this site to launch a home-based business. Not to be a millionaire, but just to make enough so I could do this all the time.

So you’ll see little Amazon product suggestions throughout the site, but only those that I think are really helpful, no spam!

I hope to possibly expand HappinessMe to reach more people through videos, a podcast, a book (?) who knows? The sky’s the limit!

Phase II is being able to hire others to help me help women & men all over the world and foster our community. I’d especially like to offer a way to earn  money for those that are home bound or disabled or just want the opportunity to stay home with kids and be happy.

Reason Three for HappinessMe.net, to give me and others the opportunity to Work Happy & help others

As you may have noticed, I’m still working to fill out the site and add lots of great articles, guides, and other things you can use to grab your happy! So check back soon, and you may also want to sign up for my newsletter (see the home page). 

Have an awesome day & I’ll talk to you again soon! 🙂 

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