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Eat Happy. Be Healthy.

I’ve had a complicated relationship with food my whole life. I’ve been overweight (as a kid and later in life) and have also been a waif-ish size 4. It’s been up and down for me and food and I never felt I could just eat without some type of calorie consequence.

Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until my health was in jeopardy that food and I developed a whole new relationship, and a much healthier one.

Today, I’m at a weight that I’m very happy about, even if I can’t fit into my old “skinny clothes,” (btw… if you’re looking for any cute size 6 stuff…).

The truth is I am thrilled with where I ended up with my health and weight. At my most unhealthy I was at a 153 lbs. (I’m 5’5″, so that nudged me into the “overweight” category according to a height/weight chart), and in a  4-month period I had 2 emergency room visits and 4 doctor office visits and felt poorly a good deal of the time.

A year later, I’m 128 lbs. and my health is a ton better as well as my self esteem, and I have more energy to actually do stuff! 

What diet did I use? None. I just put my health ahead of my old, bad eating habits.

Eat Happy and Healthy
I love these things!
Frozen, quick, and healthy too! I eat this one for dinner several times a week because it's absolutely delicious!

Get to the Good Stuff!

I have a detailed version of how you can eat healthy and have a better relationship with food coming for those that want to really dig in. For those of you that want the quick version, because… kids to pick up at school, that meal kit dinner to make, a project deadline to meet, etc… here’s the quickie bullets.

Change How You Think of Food

How is it possible to get fit and lose weight without dieting? You have to change how you think about food. Stop thinking of it in terms of calories and start thinking of it in terms of nutrients.

I was forced to do that because of health issues. They started off with potassium and magnesium deficiencies, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

When you’re not well, and not used to feeling so bad the most you can do it shiver on the couch, you’ll do anything to feel well and “normal” again. So food suddenly became my whole world, but in a much different way than it had been my whole life.

Like many people that have struggled with a complicated relationship with food, I felt I was perpetually on a diet my whole life. Eat a french fry? (No way!) A second piece of cake? My whole day was ruined if I did.

When my health issues began in early November of 2017, I completely changed how I saw food. I started reading all the nutrient labels and stopped eating food with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce or that didn’t give my body the nutrients it needed.

Goodbye, diet soda and frozen meals with tons of preservatives! Hello,  salmon, chicken, broccoli, baked potatoes, and other REAL food.

I stopped drinking flavored water and started drinking orange juice (low acid), almond milk, and plain water.

The impact? In combination with moving more by adding daily walking to my non-existent exercise regimen, I got my health back and lost 25 pounds in the course of a year and haven’t gained any weight back, I changed my eating habits to be healthier.

I also don’t feel like I’m perpetually on a diet any longer. I eat 3 meals a day, plus 2 snacks and a light dessert, and am never hungry. I feel satisfied and happy about food.

I think my body hasn’t had this many nutrients pumping through it ever! (except maybe when I was pregnant).

How can you follow a similar path and stop dieting and start living and eating happy?

I’m working on an Eat Happy Guide with the exact foods I ate, plus tips on preparing real food and packaging it for quick meals during the week, and how to change the way you see food.

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Start thinking of food as nutrients , not calories
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