Happiness is a Habit

Does it seem like that “perfect” life is taking forever to get here? Whether you’re trying to lose weight, reduce anxiety and stress, or get a handle on a healthier more enriching life, you’ve found a safe space to achieve your happier life.

HappinessMe is about helping you build your happy life by taking the small, yet powerful steps necessary to make real and positive life changes…. that STICK.

Living a happy and fulfilling life isn’t about things being perfect (they rarely are!), it’s about being in a place mentally, physically, and spiritually where you can happily handle (mostly) anything life throws at you.

Free easy-to-follow guides, recipes, tips, real life stories (with a little humor thrown in!), and friendship are what you’ll find here.

Your entire well-being and happiness comes from multiple sources, eating well, moving your body, balancing work and stress, and being mentally at peace. The site is organized by source to help you zero in on each block of Your Happy.

Reach Your Dreams

While there's no magic wand you can wave to make your dreams come true instantly, it is possible to reach them. My mission is to help you get closer to your dreams and live your happiness daily.

Find Your Light

I've always found that if you seek guidance with an open heart, it will come to you. I see that guidance as a blue shining light that through prayer or meditation illuminates the right path. I'll help you find yours.

Share Your Story

We're all in this together and there's no better motivator than your clan cheering you on or telling you everything's going to be okay. Please share your HappinessMe story at hello(at)happinessme.net.

Dig Into Some Good Stuff!

Looking for healthy recipes that also taste good? Need some life-enhancing tips that really work? Dying to hear what it’s like to have a colonoscopy? I love writing about almost anything, so dig into some articles below.

Ways to Sneak More Movement into Your Life

Gotta Keep Moving

Be happy and Move Happy with these "Sneaky Ways to Slip More “Exercise” Into Your Life"

Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

Tiny Tips to Less Stess

Small things can make a big difference. Read "5 Tiny Tricks to Make Your Life Easier BIG Time!"

How to Ask for a Raise Successfully

How to Ask for a Raise

These 3 key steps can give you the confidence you need to ask for a raise & be successful

Humor is good for the soul

Made You Laugh!

Think Happy and feed your soul with "The Triumph of the Ham Rice" (recipe included!)

Handling stress at work

De-Stress at Work

Leave the stress behind. Work Happy with "5 Life Enhancing Tips to Handle Stress at Work"

Secrets to Transform Your Eating Habits

Transform Eating Habits

Tired of always being on a diet? Eat Happy with "Simple Secrets to Transform Your Eating Habits (& Reach Your Happy Weight!)

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