Work Happy. Stress Less.

Many years ago I worked for a charity in Charleston, SC. Sounds great, right? Helping people, getting to do all kinds of creative marketing stuff (that I love), but it was one of the worse jobs I’ve ever had.

On my first day, I walked in wide-eyed and excited, and someone passed me in the hall and whispered, “Run. Run fast!”.  I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t.

I was asked to do impossible things, subjected to tantrums, and pushed beyond what any normal human should have to take, but I stayed because I wasn’t a quitter.

I later found out that organization had a revolving door of employees and board members, because no one could stand the crazy coming from a single person, but it happened to be the person in charge.

That experience taught me (years after I finally left) that you can do your very best and do a great job, but things don’t always turn out the way you want. 

It also taught me about stress management and that sometimes you have to carve out your own ‘happy’ even in a less than happy work environment.

Work Happy Stress Less

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So, How Do I Work Happy?

Working happy can be challenging, we can’t always control how our work days go. I’ve had jobs that I loved every moment of and jobs that stressed me out and negatively impacted my health and spirit.

While, you can’t control unreasonable managers, long work hours, or angry customers (and most of us can’t just quit when we want to), you do have some control over how you handle work so you can make your days as positive as possible.

I’ll go into this in more detail soon but, here are some quick tips to get you started.

Let’s Talk About Alerts

Something that can add to stress levels at work and that feeling of never being able to get anything done are all those alerts.

When those email banner alerts first started popping up on my work computer after an iOS update, I thought, “How cool and helpful!” But I was pretty wrong about that!

Every app started hopping on the alert bandwagon, screaming for immediate attention, and now I’m feeling frazzled even on a pretty good work day.

Just. Turn. Them. Off.

Or at least turn off most of them. If your office uses Slack for messaging, then you may have to keep it on, but be sure to use their Do Not Disturb feature when you need to.

You’ll find that you can actually finish a thought, get a task done in peace without constant electronic noise, and Yes, you are still working hard even if you’re not feeling completely stressed!

Try it and let me know how it goes for you. 🙂 

Working peacefully without alerts

I’ll have more Work Happy stuff coming soon!

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